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Gynecology and foals

Foal Medicine

From the initial examination of newborn foals in the barn, the implantation of a microchip, the treatment of possible gastrointestinal diseases (colic, meconium behavior, diarrhea) and lung diseases to the surgical treatment of positional defects, we cover many areas of foal medicine.

If necessary, intensive medical care for weak or premature foals can be provided in the clinic. Numerous tests are performed immediately in the clinic’s own laboratory.

In the field of foal orthopedics, the equine clinic Bilsen treats positional defects (stilt-foot, step-through, knock-knees, bow-legs) both conservatively (e.g. by shoeing, foal shoes, oxytetracycline) and surgically (e.g. by desmotomy = severing of ligaments; tendotomy = severing of tendons or, for example, also by growth inhibition or acceleration at the growth plate). In case of infectious joint diseases (e.g. foal lameness, foal septicemia), the joints can be irrigated arthroscopically. In the area of foal surgery, umbilical diseases, such as an umbilical hernia, can also be treated.