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The heart of our rehabilitation center is the aqua trainer. It ensures optimal muscle development while relieving the strain on tendons, ligaments and joints. Training in the aqua trainer is particularly suitable after operations or when training after a long period of rest.

Advantages of training in the aquatrainer

  • Cooling and relief of tendons and joints
  • Muscle apparatus is relaxed on the one hand, strengthened on the other hand
  • Convalescence phase (“recovery phase”) is shortened
  • Improvement of the mobility
  • Strengthening of the back muscles
  • Best possible blood circulation to the extremities
  • Building up the deep musculature, which is difficult to reach by other training methods

Training procedure

In the first few days, the horse is slowly accustomed to the Aquatrainer. After the acclimatization period, the horses are usually in our aquatrainer between 20 – 30 minutes, where both the running speed and the water height are adjusted to the individual needs. After the aqua training, the horses are washed and then dried under the solarium. In addition to the aqua training, the horses – depending on their state of health – may be led by us, lunged or ridden by individual arrangement.