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Our clinic specializes in particular in the treatment of orthopedic patients.

We offer comprehensive diagnostics, which in the orthopedic field include, for example:

  • Diagnosis of lameness / incoordination
    • on the hand on our covered diagnostic track
    • on the lunge on our different lunging circles with different surfaces
    • if required also ridden in our riding hall
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Scintigraphy

Therapy options in the orthopedic field (selection):

  • Regenerative therapies such as stem cell therapy from harvested bone marrow or therapy with autologous conditioned plasma (ACP)
  • Laser therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Orthopedic surgery (e.g., arthroscopy, OCD resection (“chip surgery”), arthodesis, carpal tunnel surgery, fasciotomy, fetlock ring ligament surgery, grip bone (partial) resection, hoof surgery, osteosynthesis, tendon surgery, perivascular sympathectomy, etc.).

Horses with severe extremity injuries (e.g. broken bones) or even laminitis patients or horses with severe muscular diseases can benefit from the Swinglifter during the healing process. This is a type of harness that horses can be “hooked” into while they are in the stall. This relieves the extremities (legs) by taking up to 250kg of the body weight off the Swinglifter.

Each horse is to be considered and treated individually – we will gladly advise you in a personal conversation which possibilities are promising for your