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Welcome to the equine clinic Bilsen

We are pleased to welcome you and would like to give you an overview of our range of services. The owner-managed equine clinic Bilsen is located north of Hamburg. Since 1984 we have been making a comprehensive contribution to equine health in the north of Germany as well as in Scandinavian countries.

Comprehensive diagnostics – successful therapy

Our treatment spectrum is entirely focused on the treatment of horses. Our therapies are based on comprehensive diagnostics and follow the idea of always keeping the whole horse in mind. The decisive factor for us is not the short-term success of the treatment, but the sustainable effectiveness of the measures.

For optimal diagnostics and therapy, the clinic grounds include three treatment rooms, two operating rooms, a lighted and covered diagnostic track, and diagnostic circles with various surfaces. We also have an indoor riding arena, an outdoor riding arena, two lunging circles and our rehabilitation area.

In addition to all the usual diagnostic equipment (such as X-ray, ultrasound, etc.), we also perform scintigraphy in our clinic.

Our own laboratory enables fast processing of samples.

The integrated clinic stable offers 28 clinic boxes, including 3 large mare boxes, 4 stallion boxes and a quarantine box. All stalls have windows and, with the exception of the stallion stalls, are “open at the top” to the stable alley, so that the horses have visual contact with their peers and participate in everyday life. Since all boxes have a window, the stable is light and airy and offers your four-legged sport and leisure partner optimal conditions to recover in a quiet atmosphere.

One box is additionally equipped with a so-called “Swinglifter”. This is a kind of harness in which the horses can be “hooked” while standing in the box. This relieves the extremities (legs) by taking up to 250kg of the body weight off the Swinglifter. Horses with severe injuries to the extremities (e.g. broken bones) or even laminitis patients or horses with severe muscle diseases can benefit from the Swinglifter.

Horses with infectious diseases are stabled and treated in the so-called “iso-box”, spatially separated from the other clinic areas.

The rehabilitation area with aqua trainer and solarium is also located in the clinic building. There, your horse can undergo a build-up or condition training, depending on its needs.

We are also happy to come to your home barn for many examinations and treatments.

Since March 2016 we are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.